Supreme filtration efficiency

Like the previous filter in the range A5 consists of four filter stages. Three of them supplied with the patented Absolent Catch & Release® function, which normally allows for at least one year of maintenance free operation, even when the machine is running 24-7! The final filter stage is a HEPA H13. It ensures that the filtered air is free from oil particles. At full capacity the A5 is handling over 1.5 barrels of oil every year and just a teaspoon of the oil is let out into the air.

Energy efficient EcoDrive

The A5 is equipped with an energy efficient EC fan which increases its speed to adjust the air flow when the door of the machine is opened.  This way the contaminated air is kept inside the machine and the operator is protected. When the machine door closes the fan decreases its speed. This function is called EcoDrive.

Handheld Acontrol

A5 is controlled and monitored by the handheld, electronic device Acontrol that also accompanied the previously released A10 unit. It continuously displays information about the pressure drop at each filter stage, running hours, fan speed and much more. The settings can be altered right from the hand unit.

–        We are excited to welcome the next filter unit to our Aline range. The A5 has been developed with the future in mind and with the smart, handheld Acontrol it is perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 and the modern machines of today. With the energy efficient EC-fan and built-in EcoDrive it helps reduce the carbon footprint while saving money and creating a healthy work environment for your employees at the same time, says Axel Berntsson CEO at Absolent AB.

The filter unit is available from March 3 2017. Want to find out more on how A5 could help improve the air quality in your workshop? Contact Absolent or read more here