In focus: Sustainability & Packaging

Absolent has updated its packaging for the Aline series to focus more on sustainability and efficiency. This change, effective for all orders after March 25, 2024, introduces lighter packaging that aims to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its products.

We Are Part of Absolent Air Care Group

Absolent Air Care Group is a global air cleaning group that provides customized solutions for production processes. The Group’s know-how and solutions enhance quality of life and enable better business performance.

Absolent AB opens a new company in Hong Kong

Absolent Group subsidiary Absolent AB opens a new company in Hong Kong, Absolent Hong Kong Limited, that will serve as a basis for sales in Hong Kong, southern China and Taiwan. It will also be the center for sales support and business development for the whole APAC region.

Absolent Group opens new company in India

Absolent AB’s parent company, Absolent Group, has registered a new company in India, Absolent Filtermist India Pvt Ltd, that will serve as a basis for sales of all Absolents and Filtermists product lines.

Absolent AB wins order from American Car Manufacturer

Absolent AB in APAC/China recently secured an order worth over 10 MSEK from a major American Car Manufacturer.

Absolent connects at EMO in Hannover

Absolent exhibits at the EMO trade show in Hannover, Germany. It will take place between 18-23 September and is one of Europe’s largest and most important trade shows for the metalworking sector. A variety of industries, companies and manufacturing processes are represented, all focusing on the theme of the year; connecting systems for intelligent production.

Absolent starts sales company on the French market

This spring Absolent AB, a subsidiary of Absolent Group, will start a sales company in France. The company will be named Absolent SAS.

Absolent Expands the Aline Range with the New A5 Filter Unit

On March 3 2017 Absolent releases the new filter unit A5. The unit is the second filter in the Aline range, following the previously released A10. Like its older brother the A5 is a combined oil mist and oil smoke filter, but it is adapted for even smaller machine tools that are running high speeds with high coolant pressures.